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    The Berliner Gazette e.V. ties together different media formats: the nonprofit and nonpartisan association publishes the berlinergazette.de as an independent and non-commercial medium, organizes symposia, launches initiatives, edits anthologies and offers seminars.

    All of these formats are highly permeable and allow dialogues, with the Berliner Gazette e.V. acting as a facilitator, creating conditions for participation, communication and the formation of publicity. Along these lines the formats become both technical and discoursive tools.

    The formats as tools, allow a heterogeneous group of people to digest their experiences, views and problems and to put them in a wider context. In this way anyone can get actively involved in the major debates of our time and influence them. That means: the formats of the Berliner Gazette e.V. are not only made for media users, but also, in a high degree, by them.

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