The anthologies, which have up to now been published by Krystian Woznicki, are editorially supervised by the editors of the Berliner Gazette. The purpose of the publications is to break new ground for the translation between “new” and “old” media. When working on the Berliner Gazette’s digital feuilleton, the aim is to translate the format of the newspaper into the language of digital-networked media, whereas the anthology’s aim is to translate the digital-networked media back into the printed word.

Each anthology underlines two aspects: first, the accomplishments and importance of the printing tradition; secondly, the richness of digital-networked media. The book is a tangible archive of the contents of the Internet, reaching a public outside the digital world. The anthologies of the Berliner Gazette assemble, on the one hand, texts on specific annual themes – and thus serve as a documentation of these. On the other hand, the anthologies compile articles from different annual themes, to point out important aspects of writing digitally and in a network.

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