What Do We Want From the State? Subcultures Between Appropriation and Dissidence

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Do subcultures merely benefit markets? Or do they have a higher significance within a history of dissidence? And if so: How should the state deal with subculture? How could a new relationship between these parties emerge? In the concluding workshop of the BG project “BQV,” titled “What do we want from the state?”, these questions were discussed, based on impulses from Alice Creischer (artist), Diedrich Diederichsen (cultural critic) and Inga Wellmann (cultural manager). Moderation: Chris Piallat (political scientist). The recording of the workshop (in German) was made at BQV C/O Dr. Pong on June 9, 2012 and can be listened to by pressing the play button above. Also watch the documentary film that was made in the context of BQV. It contains English subtitles.

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