Agents of System Change: Politicizing the End(s) of the World

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(Neo)colonial capitalism is bringing about the end of the world. Environmentalists in the Global North urge us to recognize that this dystopian scenario is looming in the near future. For the oppressed peoples of the Global South, however, the apocalypse has been a reality for more than five hundred years. And it is from these regions that the growing mass of migrant and refugee labor continues to emerge, not least as a reserve army of labor to support the centers of capital. This challenges us all to imagine and facilitate multiracial workers’ struggles against (neo)colonialism and capitalism.

The opening panel of the “Allied Grounds” conference, “Agents of System Change,” addressed these issues. Moderated by Claudia Núñez, Florin Poenaru and Jennifer Kamau gave talks at the House of Democracy and Human Rights on October 5, which can be listened to by clicking on the play button above.

Jennifer Kamau’s talk was based on the following article: Climate Crisis and Racial Capitalism: Deconstructing the European Development Model in Africa

Florin Poenaru’s talk was based on the following article: How Can Declinism Be Politicized? The Quest for the Agents of a Fundamental Change