Politics of Translation: Preparing the Ground for New Alliances

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In contemporary capitalism, workers are increasingly fragmented and divided, along the lines, for example, of productive and reproductive labor, wage and unpaid labor. Yet they could realize their common interests not least by confronting the capitalist threat to their social and ecological environment and to their collective capacity to create a life worth living. This requires translation not only between different languages, but also between different cultural, social, economic, political and, not least, class contexts.

The final panel of the “Allied Grounds” conference, “Politics of Translation,” addressed these issues. Moderated by Anna Saave, Dario Azzellini, Lorenzo Feltrin, and Brett Neilson gave talks at the House of Democracy and Human Rights, which can be listened to by clicking on the play button below.

More information about the “Allied Grounds” project can be found here: https://berlinergazette.de/projects/allied-grounds/

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