1. Allied Grounds · 2023

    Toolbox for Rethinking Labor Struggles as Environmental Struggles (and vice versa) · Texts, Video Talks, Projects, and Audios

  2. After Extractivism · 2022

    How Can We Build Common Futures in the Toxic Spaces of the Ecological-Economic Complex? · Video Talks, Projects, Texts, Audios, and More

  3. Black Box East · 2021

    Toolbox for the Analysis of Post-“Communist” Societies as Laboratories of Capitalist Globalization · Videos, Projects, Texts, and Artworks

  4. Silent Works · 2020

    How Can We Make the Invisibilized Labor of AI-Capitalism Visible? · Artworks, Videos, Audios, and Texts

  5. More World · 2019

    How Can We Cooperate Across Borders to Tackle the Climate Crisis? · Video Talks, Projects, Texts, and Artworks

  6. Ambient Revolts · 2018

    How can we rethink political agency in an AI-driven world? · Video Talks, Projects, Texts, and Artworks

  7. Signals · 2017

    Exhibition of the Snowden Files in Art, Media and Archives · BG°2017 Project


    Tacit Futures · 2016

    Borders are virtually everywhere – what is it to re-think movement today? · Video Talks, Projects, Texts, and Artworks