Networking Against the Climate Crisis: Technological Infrastructure and Environmental Justice

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Things have changed since the publication of the Whole Earth Catalog and its motto: Access to tools! The tech-driven ecological dream has turned into a nightmare. In the process, the myth that digital tools are inherently green and will save the planet has been debunked. But what is the potential of using digital networks to fight the climate crisis? The challenge today is to talk collectively about the role of technology, networks and infrastructure in the context of the struggle for climate justice by understanding and rethinking the role of common and communal struggles to create infrastructure in a just way. Three speakers tackled these issue on the second night of the Berliner Gazette’s 20th anniversary conference “More World”: activist Virginie Gailing (France), who is hacking the climate discourse online and offline with the do-it-together movement Extinction Rebellion, sustainability expert Nikki Maksimovic (UK), whose work with the Berlin-based Internet search engine Ecosia helps to plants trees by donating 80% of its surplus income for reforestation initiatives, and journalist and technology expert Marta Peirano (Spain), whose book “El enemigo conoce el sistema” explores how to fight the climate crisis with communal technologies. The public talk was moderated by Jaron Rowan (Spain), a reseacher and activist. The session was recorded at the ZK/U on October 10, 2019, and can be listened to by pressing the play button above.

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