Precarious/Productive: What Does it Mean for Artists to Work in “Creative Berlin”?

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Inspiring projects emerge in Berlin in the 1990s, including Blinkenlights, 37,6° Sprengantrag or the Narrenschiff performances. The documentary “nördliche breit – östliche länge” portrays these actors. The film invites to look back and reflect on changes in the scene, especially with view to the rise of the so-called creative industries. This is what happened in the opening workshop of the BG project “BQV,” which took place under the title “Precarious/Productive.” With impulses from Ben Pohl (filmmaker), Alexandra Manske (sociologist) and Gertrud Koch (film scholar). Moderation: Elisabeth Enke (sound engineer). The proceedings of the workshop (in German) were recorded at BQV C/O Dr. Pong on May 19, 2012 and can be listened to by pressing the play button above. Also watch the documentary film that was made at BQV. It contains English subtitles.

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