Putting Broccoli into AI, or: The Hidden Agenda of Artificial Intelligence

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Do self-learning algorithms have their own agenda for a better world? At the BG conference “Ambient Revolts” two speakers looked for answers: Dia Kayyali (US) works on tools and policies that help human rights advocates safely, securely and ethically document human rights abuses and expose them to the world. Currently they focus on abuses in AI-based content moderation in social media. Tanja Sihvonen (Finland) researches digital media, computer games as well as participatory cultures on the internet. Her current work on AI and algorithmic agency in social media raises critical issues of gender bias and ethics. Moderated by Berlin-based political consultant and net activist Sandra Mamitzsch, this talk a general introduction to the political dimensions of AI in social media and put the hidden agenda of AI up for debate. “I am the broccoli that the companies and authorities have to eat!”, Dia Kayyali pointed out, referring to the work their organization does when reminding governments and tech companies of the consequences their technologies might have for human rights. The recording of the panel was made on November 8, 2018 at the ZK/U and can be listened to by pressing the play button above.

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