Unboxing Data-Driven States: Are Digital Non-/Citizens the Status Quo?

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What does it man for any person to become a citizen, today? What does it mean for citizens and non-citizens alike to become political actors in fields of dissent? At the BG conference “Friendly Fire” two speakers looked for answers: the artist James Bridle, whose project “Citizen Ex” reflects digital citizenship and the political thinker Eleanor Saitta, whose work explores the potential of radical democracy by consistently challenging the blind spots of the digital avantgardes. Moderated by Anna Sauerbrey, who is a Berlin-based journalist, this public talk reflected the politics of citizenship with regard to the rampant digitalization of people’s lives – be they citizens or not. As Eleanor Saitta pointed out: “There is only life and power, not digital and non-digital life and power.” The session was recorded at the ZK/U on November 2, 2017, and can be listened to by pressing the play button above.

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