Unboxing AI-Capitalism: The Free Workers’ Union (FAU) and Disputes in the Delivery Industry

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The Free Workers’ Union (FAU), originally Free Workers’ Union, is an anarcho-syndicalist trade union federation consisting of local individual and sectoral trade unions. It was founded in 1977. FAU unions are open to workers in all industries. From the mid-2010s, FAU unions became known, among other things, for labor disputes involving migrant workers and disputes in the delivery industry. In Berlin, the FAU founded a special section called Deliverunion in mid-2017. Here, drivers from companies like Deliveroo and Foodora have organized themselves. In this interview, Sarah Bekker, who is involved in the ranks of the FAU, talks about strategies of a platform company like Lieferando to disorganize and fragment workers, and she reflects on the organizational potentials of these same workers. The interview is part of a series of interviews conducted by the Peng Collective as a contribution to the “Silent Works” project. Watch a video statement by the Peng Collective here. Read more about their contribution to “Silent Works” in this brochure (pp. 28-29).

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