Unboxing AI-Capitalism: Delivery Apps and Workers on the Move

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Online food ordering platforms continue to expand. The delivery empires extend across national borders and have become so large that it is hard to imagine life without them. Through these platforms, customers can order food online from restaurant menus, for example, and have it delivered directly to their homes or workplaces by restaurant or corporate couriers via an app or website. These app-based services use AI technologies to make human labor in the so-called last mile logistics as controllable and efficient as possible. But if workers are to function according to the logic of the machine, workers’ rights cannot be in good shape. Hence, it is high time to confront the power structure of the new class of platform capitalists and the politics of technology at play. The interview with AI expert Joanna Bronowicka is part of a series of interviews conducted by the Peng Collective as a contribution to the “Silent Works” project. Watch a video statement by the Peng Collective here. Read more about their contribution to “Silent Works” in this booklet (p. 28-29).

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