The Order of the Immortal Stranger

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The Immortal Stranger is a beautiful and subversive flowering tree commonly found in the tropics. Also known as the Tulipan Africana, this botanical anti-colonial freedom fighter grows quickly, and, when it takes root, it is almost impossible to suppress. Because of its profound example of how to thrive and provide vengeful care within, against and beyond the ravages of climate crisis, the Immortal Stranger was named president of The University of the Phoenix. At the grand opening of the Berliner Gazette’s 20th anniversary conference “More World,” an initiation ceremony was staged: The Order of the Immortal Stranger. Representing The University of the Phoenix, a group of post-apocalyptic trash collectors invited the audience to abandon their smartphones and join a global secret society for interspecies cooperation. In doing so, they challenged the notion that adults as we know them will spearhead adaptations to climate change. The performance was recorded at the ZK/U on October 10, 2019, and can be listened to by pressing the play button above.

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