Reflecting “The Curse of Amazon”

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The curse woven by an uncertain number of Mechanical Turk workers to abolish Amazon was encoded by these very workers in text fragments into Amazon’s empire, sometimes appearing visibly in the user comments of Amazon’s hegemonic marketplace, at other times smuggled into code and laced throughout the vast netherworld of Amazon’s servers. When assembled in a digital form (as it is throughout Amazon’s empire), the curse is extremely powerful. Listen to a talk with the members of the art collective University of the Phoenix about their contribution to the “Silent Works” project. Preserving the curse in analog form for purposes of research and study, University of the Phoenix produced a video teaser accompanying the actual installation at the “Silent Works” exhibition. Look at an installation view of The University of the Phoenix’s contribution to “Silent Works” here. Read more about The University of the Phoenix’s contribution to “Silent Works” in this booklet (pp. 36-37).

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