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  • “Social Impacts”: Workshop Oct.18th

    What is characteristic for a social impact?
    *Condition to reach it: got to connect
    *They always want an offline impact
    *To reach change in the real world online activism normally isn’t sufficient
    *Problem and big challenge is to reach people who are not digital – got to be accessible
    *Change happens somewhere else but not in Social Media
    *Got to go to events, connecting, networking, go to the streets …

    Dimensions of change/social impacts:

    *Social Media is just a part of the life but not a mirror of the world

    What is social media good for?
    *Networking, Crowdsourcing, consensus (level of relationships)
    *Visualizing (objective level)
    *Get in action (with own body, get hurt… being a subject)

    But: Social Media or platforms do not include basic democracy!

    Values for new and good social media:
    *Autonomy: need to know about the possibility to change the alternatives to Google and Facebook
    *Possibility to scale up but also scale down! Part of the autonomy – For security and organization reasons

    To have the right technology is not enough to create an alternative (like Diaspora) – at the moment
    *Which kind of audience am I looking for?
    *It´s a question of organization and linking to reach an audience

    Problem: To find the right platform for your audience
    *Got to know what you are exactly looking for and which tool to use for what
    *Somebody should give input: We need to know which kind of information already exists and where it is

    Input after finding a good alternative:
    *How to define success? Data, people?
    *What happens then?
    *How to evaluate the right information? Users normally pick up and share information without checking it

    To create an alternative to Facebook, we have to take a look at what we can learn form this social network:
    *Fact that you can easily get and see information about other people makes it interesting for the users. (non-privacy)

    Common Links:
    Secure Share
    Unlike us
    Social Swarm

    Links in topics:

    BBC Socia Media Verificatiion


    Data and design – manual by tactical tech

    Mectrics and evaluation?
    Fuck for forest



    Presentation of group results

    How and why Facebook modified Edgerank (in French) and consequencies for newspapers, explained by the social media editor from

    Géraldine Delacroix ·
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