Authors and editors of the Berliner Gazette get together at the symposiums. People who have met virtually are given the chance to gather and talk in a material space. Regarding the topics, the events are based on the annual theme of the digital mini-feuilleton. The two most important formats are: 1) The annual anniversary event (Gala) presents the contributors to the feuilleton of the Berliner Gazette from within the contexts of their primary profession: art, film, music, literature, etc. 2) The panel discussion enhances the annual theme of the Berliner Gazette’s feuilleton by inviting interviewees from various fields of work from different countries for discussions.

In previous years, the Berliner Gazette e.V. organized more than 50 symposiums at locations on the independent cultural scene (Dr. Pong, filesharing, General Public, German Theater Abroad, Kim, NBI), 80 percent of which were realized without outside financial support. Between 30 and 300 guests attended the events without being charged admission. About 20 percent of the symposiums were realized in cooperation with the German Federal Cultural Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Italian Institute for Culture Berlin, Media Arts Lab/ Artist House Bethanien and transmediale. Among the locations that hosted the symposiums were Amerika Haus, Museum for Communication and the The House of World Cultures.

Symposium, “Wir-Maschine ’68”, Amerika Haus, May 2008

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