Mode of operation

The Berliner Gazette e.V.’s central mode of operation is cooperation. To achieve its ambitious goals, the nonprofit association builds both temporary and long-term partnerships. Partners may be as varied as initiatives and institutions, political and cultural foundations, educational and research facilities, government agencies and businesses. The executive board of the Berliner Gazette e.V. develops operational concepts and coordinates the collaborations.

Former partners of the Berlin Gazette e.V. include: Berlin Society for New Music e. V., The Federal Agency for Civic Education, Diaphanes publishers, filesharing, Free University Berlin, General Public, German Theater Abroad, Haus Schwarzenberg e.V., Heinrich Böll Foundation, Humboldt University Berlin, Italian Institute for Culture Berlin, iq consult, Media Arts Lab/ Artist House Bethanien, Mediamatic Foundation, neue berliner initiative (nbi), Sophiensaele, Foundation gGmbH, Suhrkamp publishers, transmediale, transversale, transcript publishers, University of Hokkaido, uqbar, urban drift.

In addition, the activities of the Berliner Gazette e.V. have been supported by public funds (e.g. German Federal Cultural Foundation, Berlin Fund for Cultural Education) and sponsors (e.g. FRED, Get Digital, Multitask).

Boasting 10 years of experience, the Berliner Gazette e.V. enriches its mode of operation by offering its skills, which are acquired at the intersection of media, culture and education, for consultancy and service. The latter especially in the context of its seminar program. Questions regarding this matter can be answered by the Executive Board of the Berliner Gazette e.V.

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