With the aim of offering its long-standing experiences systematically to others, the Berliner Gazette e.V. develops seminars on a regular basis. The imparting of media skills is of central concern. This means that the seminars are about both the operating mode of media and its contents as well as social dynamics. The audience of the Berliner Gazette Seminar are people who have no or little experiences with new media as well as prospective or rather young publicists, press spokespeople, copywriters but also cultural producers, who are interested in word-based mediamaking under digital-networked conditions.

The Berliner Gazette Seminars consist of theoretical and practical classes which enable the students to take part in the work of the digital mini-feuilleton The seminar program is based on a practical approach, ‘learning by doing’ and the acquisition of knowledge on par with the tutors. The participation in the seminar opens the access to a big network of people engaged in the cultural sector. Thus social sustainability is ensured.

The Berliner Gazette Seminars are developed and realized in cooperation with cultural institutions, political foundations, consulting companies as well as universities. Previous partners include: Grips Theater, iq consult, Sophiensaele, Transient Spaces – The Tourist Syndrome.

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