• Executive Board

    Florian Kosak, born in 1983, studied business administration at SRH University Berlin. Experience in event management and e-commerce. 2004 – 2008, project manager in an agency for event marketing. Since 2005, chief executive officer (CEO) of a company in the field of e-commerce. Volunteer business executive of the Berliner Gazette e.V.

    Magdalena Taube, born in 1983, studied modern German literature and British and American sciences at Humboldt University Berlin. Experience in the field of (online) journalism. 2007 – 2009, culture and media editor of du-machst.de, an online platform for youth empowerment initiated by the Federal Ministry for Families. Since 2009, culture editor of Kulturportal Deutschland, a platform for cultural producers. Volunteer chief editor of the Berliner Gazette.

    Krystian Woznicki, born in 1972, studied Islamic and Asian sciences as well as Spanish at Humboldt University Berlin. Experience as curator, writer, editor, lecturer. 1995 – 1998, Tokyo correspondent for Spex. 1997, curator of the “Young Japanese Cinema”-festival at the museum of film in Antwerp. 2002 – 2005, co-publisher of a reader-series by etc.publications. Author of several books on globalization. Most recent publications: “Abschalten” (“Disconnect”, 2008) and “Wer hat Angst vor Gemeinschaft?” (“Who is afraid of community?”, 2009). Volunteer chairman of the Berliner Gazette e.V.